Sculpture, murals & architecture

  • clay pheonix
  • clay 'green man'
  • clay ram
  • clay green man
  • stone tree 3
  • garage doors with celtic animals
  • mural of pilgrim
  • stone tree 1
  • stone trees on house
  • stone tree 2
  • mosaic
  • sculpture pregnant woman
  • sculpture pregnant woman
  • car with designs
  • lights
  • B&B sign
  • lights
  • stone trees
  • gate
  • gate
  • gate
  • window grill
  • lights
  • mural pomegranate tree
  • mural pomeranate tree
My degree was in sculpture and it really is my first love.  I am the sort of person who just likes gettin gmy hands into things or 'making' things to use an ordinary term.   Here in Italy I found myself involved in the rebuilding of an old barn which allowed me great opportunity for buiding art work into the architecture.   In this house I was involved in building the walls, putting on the roof, plastering, welding, tiling and many other skills. 
I've also done some other murals locally....   I love working on a large scale.