Classical Copies

  • Pheona painting Salvador Dali's 'Christ on the Cross'
  • michelangelo sybil
  • copies of Michelangelo's sistene chapel paintings
  • the original last supper and my copy underneath
  • copy of caravaggio's 'St Thomas''
  • copy of Caravaggio's 'supper at emaus'
  • copy 'Madonna and Child'
  • copy 'madonna and child'
  • copy 'madonna and child
  • coppy 'madonna and child'
  • copy 'madonna and child'
  • Copy michelangleo's 'garden of Eden'
  • copy of Botticelli's Primavera
  • copy Caravaggio's St Thomas
  • copy 'last supper' Phillippe di Champagne
  • copy Michelangelo's sybil
  • copy madonna and child
  • copy madonna and child
  • copy botticelli's Primavera
  • copy Salvador Dali's Christ of St John
  • copy rembrant 'man in armour'
  • copy of michelangelo's 'Sybil'
  • copy leonardo's 'Mona Lisa'
  • copy Botticelli's 'girl'
  • Copy of 'The Incredulity of St Thomas'
I decided to fill the house with life sized copies of my favourite paintings (mostly Italian artists!).  This makes the house like and art gallery but where you can 'live' with the paintings, discuss them, get to know them well.

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