She is a natural teacher with over 40 years teaching experience. Originally from Glasgow in Scotland she has now lived in Italy for 9 years. In Scotland she established a very successful art department in Strathclyde University and also taught art for many other organisations.

She was also 'Educational Advisor' for Windsor & Newton and so has a wealth of knowledge not only about teaching but also about art materials. She teaches with enthusiasm and care, creativity, and, most of all, with the ability to transfer skills in a 'fun' way.

She has designed Casa Appennino as a homage to Italian artists, making life sized copies of famous paintings by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and others. Even the web-site is 'home-made' so excuse any little 'blips'!!

She is a prolific
professional artist specializing in portraiture and figurative work. She paints all subjects though, and uses all media creatively whether it is water-colours, oil, acrylics, clay or river stones! She can make it into a work of art!

There isn't much she doesn't know about art. She has a thorough knowledge of how to teach art simply, selflessly and without fancy jargon or mysticism. She has continued to exhibit widely while also gaining a reputation as a first class portrait painter.

Her own art work is classically based, with a love of heightened colour. She works in many mediums, water colours, pastels, oil, acrylics, and sculpture too. Click here to see her gallery.

Her main mantra is to share her love of art in all its forms, and enable other people to learn as quickly and effectively as possible. In other words she is generous with her own vast knowledge. She believes that a sound knowledge of the basics in art can help creativity later, and although she strives for 'good practice,' she also encourages her students to express themselves individually.

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