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Art Holidays in Italy

As a subscriber to ‘Art Holidays in Italy,’ your information is automatically on my system.  All data is controlled by myself, Pheona Kerr at Via Secchiello 27, Bedogno, Villa Minozzo 42030.  Reggio Emilia.  ITALIA
Details required.  I ask for as few personal details as possible.  I do need your name, address, email address and phone number in order to facilitate good communication in organising your art holiday. For administrative purposes, I need your NI or ‘work’ number to issue a proper receipt for my accountant and I will need your passport details or identity card details to register you with the local authority. 
Use of your details.  I will use your details only for organising your art holiday, necessary administration and for the Italian government.  I will not disclose any of your personal details to anyone else without asking you first (unless it is requested by law)  I may also use your email address to keep you informed of art holidays (newsletter twice a year) for 5 years.  If you write a nice review, I may share it on the web.
Unsubscribing.  If you wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list just ask, verbally, by phone or by email and I will remove your details.    If you have already been on holiday here then by law I must keep some administrative information.
Third party involvements.   It may be that, in order to organise part of your holiday, I have to give some of your details to a third party.   This might be in organising an excursion, lessons or tours.  Only relevant information will be given.  If (hopefully not) a medical or other emergency arose, I would also have to provide your details to the relevant authorities.
 Privacy; All information is on my personal computer which is password protected and only I have access to.  It has up to date security measures. Any written details are kept in a secure location within the premises and only authorised bodies would have access to them if required.  I will not pass on your details to third parties and will take every measure to ensure their protection.
Access to your details.  You can review the details that I have on you at any time.  I will require proof of your identity before disclosing these.
Photos and Videos;  Everyone loves to take photos on holiday and I will encourage you to do so, offering advice about how to use your camera and so on.  In addition, I do hope you use these as personal reminders of your holiday as well as collecting images for using when you return home in your artwork.   It is often the case that we ‘share’ our photos with fellow members of the group, which is lovely.    However, a word about the use of social media…. Please respect the privacy of other people here whether they are fellow guests or local people.   If you intend to put photos or videos on social media, you must ask and receive the permission of everyone who is in the photo or video in writing and signed by everyone in the photo.  If I intend to use a photograph, I have taken of you, I will also ask for written and signed  permission to do so.

I have read and accept the above privacy terms and conditions and accept them.
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Terms and Conditions
Agreement. When you agree to book a holiday, you will be given a price and you will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit, which secures your booking.  The balance of the amount due should be paid a month before your holiday or whenever personally agreed.  Prices are subject to currency changes.
I make every effort for the house and garden to be a safe and secure environment for your art holiday. 
Cancellations.   We all hope not to be in a position to cancel a holiday but sometimes it is necessary:
I will not cancel a holiday due to lack of numbers.
If you need to cancel your holiday, please make every effort to inform me as soon as possible.  If the cancellation is made a month before the holiday you may rebook a holiday for another date according to availability.   If you have to cancel within a month of the holiday, you will be refunded 50% of the total amount (less deposit).  If you cancel within two weeks of the holiday then I am afraid there can be no refund.
Please make sure you purchase your own travel insurance in case you need to cancel your holiday.  Whether it is due to illness, injury, weather, or personal emergencies it is your own obligation to buy trip insurance to allow for these occurrences.
You should also ensure you have insurance for any medical emergencies you might have whilst on holiday.  EU citizens will have cover but should have their up to date health card with them.
Similarly, if you are travel arrangements change due to delayed or altered flights or trains, strikes or other causes you must take responsibility for these and have travel insurance to cover any necessary outlay caused by these changes.  On a practical level, if you inform me as soon as you can about any changes I will do what I can to help.   I will also inform you of any costs involved.
If your baggage or belongings are lost or stolen, this should also be covered by your own travel insurance.
I try to be flexible, your holiday is arranged with the dates, and times specified when you book.  If you have to rearrange I will try my best to accommodate this.  There will be no refunds if you arrive late, leave early or other change, which is not agreed beforehand.
In participating in an art holiday in a rural location, you should be aware of any risks, and make sure that you disclose any relevant information, which is necessary for a risk assessment whilst undertaking any voluntary pursuits on the holiday. When going on an outing for example risks will be explained (for example whether the ground is even or rough) but ultimately you must make the evaluation as to whether it is safe for you to participate or not.   It is a holiday in the countryside, the house and garden, and indeed the area, are all rustic in style and so although full of charm necessitate some attention.  The weather is also hot in summer and there is a small risk of insect bites.  
In organising your holiday I can suggest or recommend places to visit according to my local knowledge.  No responsibility can be taken for accidents or losses occurring whilst you are participating in an activity with another party whether they are acting on my behalf or whether you employ the services yourself.
Disclaimer You are invited into my home for your art holiday and as such I have made every effort to make the environment safe and secure as possible and following legal obligations.  It is an art holiday and as such, you will be working with paints and other equipment, which, if not used properly, could cause injury.    I explain good and safe working practices and expect everyone to follow those.  I provide safe premises and relevant protective clothing/equipment as required.
It is also a holiday in a rural location in a rustic environment and I describe the footpaths and access to local places to help you decide whether it is suitable.
Participants therefore accept the risk involved in an art holiday and take personal responsibility for their own self-care, and any activities voluntarily undertaken whilst on holiday.
Copyright   All photos and text in this website are my own.  I do not mind other people using my photos. 
Privacy In accordance with GDPR please read and accept the Privacy notice.

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