Our Courses

I nostri corsi d'arte

Everyone is welcome whether you are a complete beginner or someone with much experience. I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to draw or paint given the right tuition and encouragement in a positive environment.

There is an absolute maximum of 7 places per week so it is possible to give you all the time and attention you need.

The studio is well equipped and spacious although we usually work out of doors in one of the many areas of the garden or out in the surrounding landscape.

There are also things like air-drying clay, plaster and other sculpting materials to play with!.

Tutored painting sessions are from about 9.00am - 12 noon and 2 - 5pm. But everything is flexible here. The studio is open all day, and Pheona is always around to help you. 

Rather than have set courses each week your painting holiday will be organised to suit whoever is in the small group and you choose exactly what you want to learn or do.

When you arrive we have a chat (and perhaps you have brought some photos of your work with you) and then Pheona will suggest an individual but flexible 'course plan' for you.

Of course, you can also just 'take each day as it comes' just enjoying being creative.

You learn and create best when relaxed and enjoying yourself so you'll find that the beautiful environment, the personal attention and the company of like minded people all contribute to you being able to be at your most creative.

'Giggling' is thoroughly recommended for good art!

All art materials are provided free of charge.  You can browse through the following 'Ideas for Artists' to see that there is a wide range of subjects and methods.


A typical day might be.....
You have breakfast in your own apartment, whenever you like, from a selection of breakfast foods in your kitchen area.  For those on the first and second floors it is lovely to have breakfast on the balconies watching the sun rise over the mountain.   On the ground floor you have a number of areas you can choose to have your breakfast.
We meet in the studio 9am and  usually work in one of the outdoor painting areas 9 -12
Lunch is at 12.30
You continue your tutored art work 2 - 5pm
Then dinner is at 7pm

This is a basic outline, but it is nice to go on excursions and allow the week to develope organically according to the wishes of the group.  You can also continue painting outwith the set times.

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