• Casa Appennino
  • Casa Appennino from the front
  • The outdoor dining area
  • View from balcony over the village and towards the Appennine mountains
  • Casa Celtica

Pheona welcomes you to her home, Casa Appennino, which is in the small hamlet of Bedogno. It overlooks vineyards and orchards at the back and has breathtaking views of hills and mountains all around.

Bedogno itself is very picturesque little village and the local town of Villa Minozzo is within walking distance (10 minutes). In Villa Minozzo there are shops, banks, Post Office, several restaurants, cafes and bars, supermarket, open-air swimming pool and sports facilities.

The house itself caters for about 6 guests.  The two upper floors are self contained apartments. Each with two spacious twin or double bedrooms, a large sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and south facing balcony with wonderful views.   If you are single you will be allocated a twin or single room, but there may be up to two other guests in the apartment.   Contact me about room allocation.


Over the years Pheona has made what is now quite a large collection of copied classical paintings  throughout the house. There are alsoover a hundred of her original paintings so there is the feeling that you are actually living in an art gallery.  The idea is that you are 'living' with these great works of art every day, understanding them and discussing them.

The collection of art extends to the garden and the lane outside where there are sculptures, paintings and garden furniture all created here, again mostly by Pheona.

  • Life size sculpture of pregnant woman
  • Copy of'The Last Supper' by Champagne
  • Copy of Madonna & Child (in the lane)
  • 'Stone Tree' one of four
  • hen, detail on stairway


The first floor is called 'Apartamento Botticelli' as it has a mural (2m x 4m) of Botticelli's 'Primavera' in the lounge. A unique chance to live with, and get to know, this wonderful painting. The original is in the Uffizzi in Florence and the mural is the same size as the original.  

There are two twin bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, shower room and south facing balcony with beautiful views over the mountains,  so you have plenty of living space.

  • Bathroom with level access shower
  • Livingroom with balcony door
  • Bedroom with view towards the mountains
  • Twin bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • living room with mural of 'Primavera'
  • Casa Appennino from the front


  • Living room with copies of parts of the Sistene Chapel ceiling
  • Double bedroom
  • Twin bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom with level access shower
  • Living room with bacony door

The top floor is named after the great Michelangelo. Unfortunately there is no original work(!!) but there are copies of some of his famous paintings and sculptures for you to appreciate. From the photos you can see some copies of parts of the Sistine Chapel cieling.

There are two bedrooms, one double and one twin.  Then a living room, shower room, kitchen and south facing balcony with beautiful views over the mountains.


And the ground floor is named after the great Italian painter Caravaggio.

Here there is a double room with private shower room and a single room with ensuite shower room.  The showers have level access.  There is a lovely living room to relax in and it is easy to reach the studio and garden.

There is a small kitchen area at the back of the house for teas coffees and snacks.

  • Copy of 'Supper at Emaus'
  • Copy of 'St Mathew and the Angel''
  • Sitting room ground floor
  • double bedroom ground floor
  • single room Caravaggio
  • shower room Caravaggio
  • living room Caravaggio
  • Garden with iris, poppy and alium
  • Arched entrance to garden with roses and iris'
  • girl in hammock
  • rotunda
  • Plums in basket
  • Cabbabes in the vegetable garden
  • hammock with tulips
  • Pink flower
  • tulips and grape hysinths
  • tulips in April

The large, landscaped flower garden is beautiful with lots of areas for you to relax in.

...Lots of inspiration for paintings......


  • erbazzone
  • fresh greens
  • home made walnut whips
  • parmesan cheese
  • proecco
  • market stall at Villa Minozzo
  • dining table

 We offer as many locally produced products as possible. This area is famous for it's traditional Italian products and recipes and you can enjoy these at your lesuire.

You can have breakfast whenever you wish in your own apartment choosing from a variety of breakfast foods.  On the first and second floors the balconies are the ideal place to start the day watching the sun rise over the mountains opposite.

Ingedients and dishes are local  Many are the speciality of the area like parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, porcini mushrooms, pasta dishes and wines.

We'll also go to a local trattoria.

All wines and drinks are included.

As well as the fully equipped indoor studio, there are gazebo's which are very pleasant to paint in. In fact we usuallly use the studio to collect materials and paint in one of the outdoor locations.

  • girl painting in the garden
  • Poppies
  • Woman painting a rabbit
  • Three people painting in the gazebo
  • Pheona painting in the garden
  • terrazzo with angel
  • wooden gazebo
  • metal gazebo

We can watch the deer in the field outside, eagles soaring above, iridescent fireflies in June and butterflies all summer long. There are many other wild animals and if you are lucky you may see one of the porcupines in the evening.  It's a nature lovers' paradise.

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