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three ladies painting in the garden
We offer excellent painting holidays or art holidays which are tailored to suit you. First class art tuition means you learn quickly and easily (it is supposed to be fun!)

If you are a beginner, you can learn to draw and paint in only one week. No matter what level of ability you can improve and experiment in beautiful surroundings in a National Park with stunning scenery to inspire you. 
red poppies

If you are looking for an art vacation or painting workshop which also offers the opportunity to use all sorts of artistic techniques such as water-colour, oils, water based oils, acrylics, pastel, mixed media, photography, even sculpture, then this is also ideal for you.

Pheona can teach you all these techniques. 


entrance to the walled garden

Offering all inclusive value-for-money (£1,250), painting vacations throughout the year... There are no single person supplements and no hidden charges. Our holidays can be customised to suit your dates, your creative abilities, and your dreams of a perfect Italian art holiday.

We meet you at Bologna airport...and then you are on holiday!

  • Casa Appennino, yellow three story chalet style house, with balconies
  • copy of Salvador Dali's Christ on the Cross
  • Pheona serving a cake
  • Botticelli mural
  • Village of Bedogno
  • walled garden

Your accommodation is spacious, luxurious and full of art work. This means you also learn about the history of art when you are here. There are beautifully landscaped gardens around the house, which is set in a wonderful rural location, surrounded by mountains, rivers, fields of wild flowers, orchards and grape vines.

Casa Appennino has been designed as a homage to Italian artists, with life-sized copies of famous paintings by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and others. So, you will also learn a bit about the history of art in a very informal way.

  • woman painting
  • girl painting in the garden
  • woaman painting a rabbit
  • man with finished still life painting
  • girl sketching on the Bismantova
  • cooking with Manuela

There is a large fully equipped studio which is open all day for your use. Some people want to paint all day, every day, whilst others prefer a mixture of painting and walking, excursions, or a little immersion into Italian village life. Cookery lessons, massages, horse-riding and other things can be arranged.

Sometimes we paint close to the house but also out in the landscape or the village.

It is your holiday and it is important that you spend it just the way you want to.

  • Pheona giving a demonstration
  • girl painting in the garden
  • Personal tuition
  • Girl painting a red roofed village
  • Painting in the garden
  • Talking about the Last Supper
  • Pheona doing a painting demonstration

Pheona Kerr is your host and tutor. 

She is an excellent teacher with over 40 years experience and gives lots of practical demonstrations and personal tuition...She is available all day, every day (more or less!).

Usually the group size is about 6 which is ideal to give everyone plenty of space in the house and plenty of opportunity for individual tuition.  It is an ideal environment to relax, be inspired, be encouraged, be creative, and to meet friends from all over the world.

You can learn or improve in many different media and subjects. See 'our courses' for an idea of the range of skills covered.

  • man painting in the garden
  • Talking about the Last Supper
  • View of the Dolo valley in Autumn
  • Church at Carniana
  • Gruìoup doing figure painting in the garden
  • chillies hanging on a string

There is plenty of subject matter to inspire you; the beautifully landscaped gardens with lots of little places of tranquility and colour, stunning landscapes with patchwork fields, vineyards and little hilltop villages. There is also rustic Italian architecture - weathered and ancient, or well maintained and pretty. 

So many times there is the magical feeling of being in a fairy tale!   Life is just as it was 100 years ago;  man and nature respect and thrive, one with the other.

The local people are friendly and welcoming so you can practise your italian language skills.

There are beautiful rivers and rock pools... stunning mountains and castles........ all far away from tourist traps and cities.


  • Bismantova
  • Cascata di Golforone
  • Woods in Spring
  • Dolo landscape
  • Woman in sunshine
  • Dandelion field with  a single tree

Non painters are very welcome and will find many things to do especially if you are a nature lover. 

You can go for lovely walks from the house, even to the local town which is only 15 minutes walk away.

We can also arrange excursions, cookery lessons, horseriding, or other local activities.  You can visit a Parmesan cheese dairy and many other things.

  • salad
  • green salad
  • cherries for jam
  • home made pizza
  • parmesan cheese
  • onions hanging in sunshine

This area is called 'the gastronomic capital of Italy' and is famous for it's many culinary gems such as parmesan cheese, Parma hams, truffles, porcini mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, wines and so on. You will be eating the finest of foodstuffs which are locally grown or produced.

The evenings have a lovely ambience. The clear night air, the scents of the garden flowers, the delicious local food, the sound of the cicadas in the field, the abundant wines, candlelight, and new found friends....

On Sunday evening we will go out to a local pizzeria for a typical Italian evening meal.

'Things to see & do'

Follow up tutoring

You may want to have some follow up tutoring after your holiday. Pheona is available for Skype sessions for £20 when you can ask her about your art work

All photos and art work on the web site are by Pheona Kerr unless otherwise stated. 


  • email; artholidaysinitaly
  • phone or SMS  0039 331 759 2333

Corona virus march 2020
My personal opinion

Corona Virus
Update 13.3.20
For the moment Italy is closed. I am updating my comments here.

I am proud of the Italian government for its transparency and decisiveness in dealing with the spread of the corona virus.   I am proud of the efficiency of the organisations effecting the measures to contain and protect the population, and I am proud of the excellent health services put into place early on, which are effectively dealing with this pandemic at every level.  Remember, everyone in Italy who is ill gets treatment.
I am proud of the response of Italians to the severe measures, which have been necessary.  No panic.  No drama.  No selfishness.  Everyone is just getting along with things.  
At the supermarket there is an orderly queue outside as masked assistants ask people to come in only a few at a time in order to keep the 1 metre distance between each other. 
The schools (and just about everything else) have been closed for about a month now and students are having online lessons.  Some are in large families restricted to their house all day, every day.  Other youngsters have to look after younger siblings, nephews and nieces without leaving the house.   No one complains.
 As an English teacher I ask them,  “Are you scared?”  The response is “No, not for myself, but I don’t want to catch the virus and spread it to my grandparents or neighbours”.
This is typically Italian.  The strong sense of family commitment, of community support and selflessness.
In times of crisis people show their true colours, and, writing with tears in my eyes, the Italian people for me have, in a quiet and understated way, shown their strength and resolve, their old fashioned sense of ethics and humanitarianism and always with time for a “Buon giorno, Come stai?”
Italy and my Italian neighbours and friends, I am so proud of you.

Italy has the second best health service in the world, according to the World Health Organisation (France is first), and this region of Emilia Romagna is the best in Italy.

Italy has reacted in a very positive way to detect and prevent the spread of the virus.  I believe  it was the first country in Europe to do tests.  There has been some scaremongering but generally there is no panic and although all educational institutions are closed. people are just getting along with things.  

In fact, with education being conducted through video conferencing it seems that students are able to continue their studies and people are realising that they can work from home to some extent.  The levels of pollution have dramatically decreased these last 3 weeks so maybe this is a learning lesson for our way of life.

People who are infected are being treated under excellent conditions.  
The virus doesn't thrive on heat (23') so hopefully come summer it will be killed off.

Up here in the mountains life is healthier anyway, with the clean air, outdoor way of life and good local food.

An art holiday  not only nourishes the creative part of you but is also therapeutic for body and soul.  I also believe that this is a very special place with so many positive aspects for you to experience.
What more can I say?

It's a serious potential illness but there's a lot of hullabaloo.   If you are healthy and following all the precautions an art holiday might be exactly the right thing to do!


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